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4 Reasons Hiring an Outdoor Christmas Lighting Contractor is Worth the Money

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but ‘tis also the season for endlessly tangled strands of lights, risky ladders, and extensive time spent decorating your home for the holidays. This year, you can skip the stress of holiday decorating and get straight to comfort and joy by hiring an outdoor Christmas lighting contractor.

We know installing Christmas decorations is a DIY family tradition for many people. However, there are many reasons to hire a professional to illuminate your home. Here are four reasons why hiring a decorator is worth the investment:

1. Safety

As fun and festive as Christmas decorations are, installing them can be dangerous. Approximately 240 holiday decorating-related injuries occurred per day during November and December 2017. The majority of those injuries involved falls, which is why hiring an experienced professional – who knows their way around a ladder – is the safest option.

Hiring a professional holiday decorator is the best way to ensure your home gets lit up safely and securely. Expert decorators will only use lights designed for outdoor use. They also know how to safely run wires to withstand the winter elements and reduce any hazards.

2. Spend More Time with Family

Between installation, maintenance, and take-down, decorating your home for Christmas can eat up a lot of your precious holiday time. Free up your time during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season by hiring a professional decorator. Not only will a professional holiday decorator install your decorations, but they will also manage and repair any bulbs that may go out during the season.

In addition, you can say hello to more time spent playing with your new toys, and less time taking down your lights and displays. At the end of the holiday season, your professional decorators will take down, pack and store all of your decorations for next year.

Hire a Christmas Decorator

3. High Quality, Cost Effective Lighting

By hiring a lighting expert, you ensure your holiday display uses only professional-grade, safe, and reliable equipment. Your home will be dressed to the nines with not only the best lighting but also the highest-quality hardware and equipment.

Professional decorators have access to premium lights that last longer than traditional bulbs and use cost-effective LED lights. By using LED lights, homeowners can save up to 80 percent on energy costs. LED lights allow decorators to use more strands for the same energy cost of traditional incandescent bulbs. And, because of the lower wattage, you can plug more strands of LED lights into an extension cord than you can incandescent lights.

4. Wow Your Neighborhood!

If you really want to go the extra mile and be the “it” house for holiday lights on your block, hiring a professional holiday decorator is the way to go.

Professional Christmas lighting contractors sit down with you for a design consultation and then bring your creative vision to life. Expert decorators have all of the latest and greatest technology available to take your light display to the next level, including smart, WiFi-connected lighting.

Hire a Christmas lighting contractor to keep yourself and your family safe, spend more time with your loved ones, save money on your electric bill and have the best-lit house on the block this holiday season.

If you want to let the pros put your home in the holiday spirit this season, find your local Christmas Decor decorator!

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